First of January seems to be a Lituation all over the world, with twitter and other social media platforms buzzing with messages ranging from motivational to resolutions.

Well, in Ghana here, all major concerts are organized before 31st of December due to the fact that it is ‘Homecoming‘ to some Christians, whiles to most, it is an inevitable evening to Cross over to a new year


Year after year all we hear when a new year begin is ‘This is my year of prosperity‘, ‘This is my year of overflow riches‘, ‘This is my year of Increase‘ and the like. I even heard someone this morning saying ‘This is the year I’ll be in a comfortable lead

Never have I heard ‘2017 was the year my riches overflew‘, ‘2015 was the year I increased‘, ‘2015 was my year’. What happens from January to December??

-Is it that we just fail to acknowledge the best things that happen to us or

-We crossover with the same expectations year after year?

-Do we just make resolutions because the masses are or we sincerely need to?

-Do we have plans to back our resolutions or they are just fantasies?

-Are our resolutions plausible or just fictional?


A new year doesn’t bring forth a new personality. It is the same old you and it is just any other day. Choosing to start right on 1st of January is a discipline which requires full commitment and it isn’t mandatory to start right on 1st of January. Some of us procrastinate brilliant start-ups which could change our lives in the name of “starting on a new year” thereby missing a lot of Windows which we don’t even realize. Life could have been a lot easier for us if we could treat every single morning as 1st of January and every evening as 31st of December


Let’s make 2018 a testimonial year so that come 31st December 2018, we could boldly say ‘2018 WAS MY YEAR OF GREATNESS


Blaise Dorleku



A Sinner’s Prayer


Forgive me father I wasn’t myself

Those were my demons I need your help

Don’t let me burn oh lord save me from my iniquities

Am drowning in a pool of unrighteousness

Consumed by fantasies I pushed away Godliness

Am here to write my wrongs oh lord I messed up

And here I am so down oh Lord please give me a hand up

I didn’t get this far just by my might nor my looks

Am not this successfully because am special nor by reading the books


It took me getting everything I ever wanted

To realized that I lost the best thing that I ever had

I pushed you away oh Lord for my own selfish desires

Knowing very well it could only get me a ticket to the fire

I know I wasn’t in my best attitude

Yet you didn’t shun me, for that I give you Gratitude

My life has been a pure hedonistic lure

Sweeping me off my roots and core lore

And here I am with technically nothing to account for


Almighty father, Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah El Shaddai

I didn’t even give it a single shot to reconsider

I was so enthused cruising on my own radar

I genuflect on my knees to reflect on all of my bad deeds

I feel so ashamed of myself, if only I could recede

Even just a step to the past so that I could at least heed

For I could have indeed treaded on the right path but I did-not

I shouldn’t have allowed the masses and temptations impede

My faith in you unconditionally for you are my basic need


Abba father who art in heaven let your will be done in my life

Give me this day the gift of your word for it is the bread of life

Forgive me my sins for I have defiled my body your temple

Guide me away from temptations good Shepherd and keep me safe in your Stable

May your grace and mercies guide me now and ever

For Only you I will serve now and forever till thy kingdom come

When I shall also look up to you above and say IT IS DONE

My Jesus My Crush


I still remember the first time we met

And I said to myself not yet

And now i got to live with regret

For not accepting for free the gift

Of everlasting peace and tranquility

A life filled with joy and placidity

Problems and troubles dealt in serenity

Where you walk bold with total serendipity

Oh Lord Jesus forgive me for not

Following you back then. I thought

A christ-like life is kinda fun free

And foolishly enough I have to flee

To the world maybe looking for a degree

In Stupidity how embarrassing could it be

Now that I am enlightened on your word

Luke 4:18-19 a proposed lifestyle laid

Down for us to follow and show others the ways

Of the Lord everyday till the end of days


Everyday he is trying to reach you brethren

My son My daughter so faint

The first coat of an emulsion paint

The lord is speaking to you

Soo deep within and you know

Why do you pretend not to hear

Your heart so hardened a super glue

Waiting for a big sign out of the blue

Right by you everyday he is there

All you got to do is open up dear

Let his will manifest in you

Defile not his temple your body

Feeling all in control and bossy

Still enjoying life you ain’t ready

Oh please give me time Lord, you may say

Redemption is personal better hurry

For what shall it benefit to loose

Your soul instead of a vanity..

Your personal vendetta over God’s will

Really…Playing chess with your Maker

For the Lord thy God is a Jealous one

Be faithful and see to his work being done

For he surely rewards the faithful one

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