Onaapo vrs Comfortable lead


First of January seems to be a Lituation all over the world, with twitter and other social media platforms buzzing with messages ranging from motivational to resolutions.

Well, in Ghana here, all major concerts are organized before 31st of December ( except for the Tigo Luminous Night this year which was super mega; thanks to Shatta Wale) due to the fact that it is ”Homecoming” to some Christians whiles to most, it is an inevitable evening to Cross over to a new year


Year after year all we hear when a new year begins is ”This is my year of prosperity”, ”This is my year of overflow riches”, ”This is my year of Increase” and the like. I even heard someone this morning saying ”This is the year I’ll be in a comfortable lead”

Never have I heard ”2016 was the year my riches overflew”, ”2015 was the year I increased”, ”2015 was my year”. What happens from January to December??

Is it that we just fail to acknowledge the best things that happen to us or

We crossover with the same expectations year after year?

Do we just make resolutions because the masses are or we sincerely need to?

Do we have plans to back our resolutions or they are just fantasies?

Are our resolutions plausible or just fictional?


A new year doesn’t bring forth a new personality. It is the same old you and it is just any other day. Choosing to start right on 1st of January is a discipline which requires full commitment and it isn’t mandatory to start right on 1st of January. Some of us procrastinate brilliant start-ups which could change our lives in the name of “starting on a new year” thereby missing a lot of Windows which we don’t even realize. Life could have been a lot more easier for us if we could treat every single morning as 1st of January and every evening as 31st of December


Lets make 2017 a testimonial year so that come 31st December 2017, we could boldly say “2017 WAS MY YEAR OF GREATNESS”


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