My Jesus My Crush


I still remember the first time we met

And I said to myself not yet

And now i got to live with regret

For not accepting for free the gift

Of everlasting peace and tranquility

A life filled with joy and placidity

Problems and troubles dealt in serenity

Where you walk bold with total serendipity

Oh Lord Jesus forgive me for not

Following you back then. I thought

A christ-like life is kinda fun free

And foolishly enough I have to flee

To the world maybe looking for a degree

In Stupidity how embarrassing could it be

Now that I am enlightened on your word

Luke 4:18-19 a proposed lifestyle laid

Down for us to follow and show others the ways

Of the Lord everyday till the end of days


Everyday he is trying to reach you brethren

My son My daughter so faint

The first coat of an emulsion paint

The lord is speaking to you

Soo deep within and you know

Why do you pretend not to hear

Your heart so hardened a super glue

Waiting for a big sign out of the blue

Right by you everyday he is there

All you got to do is open up dear

Let his will manifest in you

Defile not his temple your body

Feeling all in control and bossy

Still enjoying life you ain’t ready

Oh please give me time Lord, you may say

Redemption is personal better hurry

For what shall it benefit to loose

Your soul instead of a vanity..

Your personal vendetta over God’s will

Really…Playing chess with your Maker

For the Lord thy God is a Jealous one

Be faithful and see to his work being done

For he surely rewards the faithful one


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