A Sinner’s Prayer


Forgive me father I wasn’t myself

Those were my demons I need your help

Don’t let me burn oh lord save me from my iniquities

Am drowning in a pool of unrighteousness

Consumed by fantasies I pushed away Godliness

Am here to write my wrongs oh lord I messed up

And here I am so down oh Lord please give me a hand up

I didn’t get this far just by my might nor my looks

Am not this successfully because am special nor by reading the books


It took me getting everything I ever wanted

To realized that I lost the best thing that I ever had

I pushed you away oh Lord for my own selfish desires

Knowing very well it could only get me a ticket to the fire

I know I wasn’t in my best attitude

Yet you didn’t shun me, for that I give you Gratitude

My life has been a pure hedonistic lure

Sweeping me off my roots and core lore

And here I am with technically nothing to account for


Almighty father, Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah El Shaddai

I didn’t even give it a single shot to reconsider

I was so enthused cruising on my own radar

I genuflect on my knees to reflect on all of my bad deeds

I feel so ashamed of myself, if only I could recede

Even just a step to the past so that I could at least heed

For I could have indeed treaded on the right path but I did-not

I shouldn’t have allowed the masses and temptations impede

My faith in you unconditionally for you are my basic need


Abba father who art in heaven let your will be done in my life

Give me this day the gift of your word for it is the bread of life

Forgive me my sins for I have defiled my body your temple

Guide me away from temptations good Shepherd and keep me safe in your Stable

May your grace and mercies guide me now and ever

For Only you I will serve now and forever till thy kingdom come

When I shall also look up to you above and say IT IS DONE


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